RUNBANGLA Certified 10K

Dhaka, Bangladesh

RBI is planning to stage the (AIMS Certified)

2nd Annual RUNBANGLA International 10K on March 12, 2021.

Last March 13, 2020 along with our very special partner and title sponsor the Cadet College Club (CCCL), RBI was able to bring the first ever internationally certified distance race to Bangladesh. This event created a sensation throughout the country and around the world as Bangladesh running entered the world stage.

We look forward to reassembling our amazing team and continuing this tradition for 2021 and on into the future. We have received hundreds of texts and emails from runners expressing excitement and enthusiasm to continue this event annually and that is exactly what we want to do.

The importance of this event as a ground breaking running event for the nation cannot be underestimated. It is our hope that in March 2069, thousands of runners (many yet unborn) will be anxiously awaiting their notification from our lottery registration to see if they have secured a place in the 50th annual, premier running event of Bangladesh.

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